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CT Scans

CT Scanner

CT scanning at Lake Region Healthcare (LRH) is offered for both adult and pediatric patients. CT scanning can be useful for viewing internal organs and structures, tissues, bones and tumors.

What is CT?

CT stands for Computed (or computerized) Tomography. This procedure also is sometimes called computerized axial tomography, or CAT scan. A CT is a diagnostic procedure that uses special X-ray equipment to view inside the body. The CT offers more detail than a standard X-ray, because it provides cross-sectional pictures of the organ or structure. At LRH, we use a 64 slice state of the art CT scanner.

Our Services

CT scans are performed on an outpatient basis and on an inpatient basis for hospitalized patients. CT also may be performed for patients in the hospital’s emergency department, including trauma patients (after a car accident, for example).

CT imaging services include:

  • CT scanning of head and body.
  • CT guided biopsy—to assess benign and malignant tumors.
  • CT angiography—to diagnose any vascular conditions.

The Team

The CT team is composed of individuals who are specially trained and experienced with computerized tomography procedures. The team includes:

  • Board-certified radiologists (MDs).
  • Licensed radiological technologists with sub-specialization in CT.
  • Registered nurses.
  • Highly qualified and experienced support staff consisting of secretaries, transcriptionists, and transporters.

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CT scans are performed at LRH seven days a week. 

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Call for an Appointment: Please call 218.736.8341 to schedule a CT procedure. A physician order is required.