Occupational Health

Employment & DOT Exams

physician and patientOur employee exams are designed to help you and our occupational health specialists promote health and wellness in your workplace. Below are some of the examinations we offer.

DOT (Department of Transportation) examinations are required by federal law and detect the presence of physical, mental, and emotional issues that could affect a driver’s ability to work safely. New DOT exam regulations require that a driver pass all DOT exam requirements in order to receive their CDL medical card.

LRH Providers Certified for DOT Exams

Brooke Hills, FNP Main Clinic
Dr. Eric Lokken Main Clinic
Ashley McCauley FNP Main Clinic
Dr. Bruce Money Main Clinic
Dr. Mark Vukonich Main Clinic
Dr. Christine Cabrera Walk-In Clinic
Sandra McGaughey, PA-C Walk-In Clinic
Dr. Robert Vennerstrom Walk-In Clinic

Fitness-for-duty examinations, employment exams, pilot flight exams and regulatory and compliance examinations are also available.

Authorization Form

We must have a completed and signed Employer Authorization form for any patient coming to Lake Region Healthcare for an employment related exam or for treatment of a first-time or new injury. This authorization form—completed and signed—is crucial: we cannot treat patients without it.

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