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We can tell you all about our core values of caring for people with compassion, excellence and teamwork. But nobody can tell it better than our patients. Here are just a few stories from our patients. In these stories you'll see a glimpse of what Lake Region Healthcare is all about and the reality that you are why we're here.

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Vanessa's Story: Heart Attack at 36 Inspires Serious Change 



Angela's Story: Best of All I Won My Health Back




Lynn's Story

Viann's Story

Cancer Care & Research Center

Larry & Pat's Story

Susan's Story

Janelle's Story

Janelle's dad was treated for Stage 4 Melanoma at the Cancer Care & Research Center. She is a freelance writer for the Chicago Sun-Times and recently wrote this article urging people to take sun protection seriously and expressing her gratitude for the cancer care her father was able to receive close to his home here in west central Minnesota. Read the story Janelle wrote.

Men's Health

Sid's Story - Reconstructing a Healthy Life 


Part 1 - Fergus Falls Man Takes to Heart a Second Chance

Part 2 - A Long Road to Successful Joint Surgery

Part 3 - Advanced Ultrasound Procedure Addresses Elbow that Hurts Like Blazes

Sports Medicine

Alyssa's Story

Primary Care

Joint Care Center

Shar's Story

Lee's Story

Karen's Story

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