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When you or your family member is a patient at Lake Region Healthcare Corporation, you want to be sure you receive the best and safest care possible. Our hospital and health care professionals are committed to providing the best care for you and your family. We ask you to join us to ensure our care meets your needs, and we encourage you to let us know when it does not.

We are dedicated to sharing information about quality and safety with you and your family through efforts such as voluntary participation in the Leapfrog Group survey. Leapfrog is a coalition of more than 100 public and private organizations that share our commitment to provide the safest health care possible. We commend the Leapfrog Group for recognizing that quality of care is not just based on cost. However, we realize that its standards are not applicable to all hospitals.

To make your health care visit safe we have many steps in place that go beyond Leapfrog's standards. Your safety is central to every aspect of our hospital. It is the top priority at all levels of our organization, including management, physicians and staff. The following are a few of the steps our hospital is taking to ensure you receive reliable care:

  • We have a patient safety committee in place to evaluate any safety concern brought up by staff, patients or family members. The committee reviews each safety aspect and develops steps to make our hospital a safe place for your care.
  • All physicians and nurses at our hospital are board-certified and participate in continuing education.
  • For medication safety, we double-check to make sure you receive the right medication, the right dose and the right method at the right time. We encourage you to speak up if you have any questions about your medication.
  • We recommend that you have a family member or friend with you during your health care visits. He or she can provide comfort and support and can also help ask questions.
  • We encourage you to ask questions and take notes.

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