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Phatty Nattie's

In our effort to be a key partner in helping this region become one of the healthiest places in Minnesota, we are pleased to offer group fitness opportunities at our Phatty Nattie's studio in the lower level of the Cancer Care & Research Center. We also offer group Spinning® in a dedicated studio next door to Phatty Nattie's.

Phatty Nattie's programs focus on the importance and motivation of working out in a group setting. Our goal is to create a comfortable environment in which the most fit individuals get a challenging workout, while individuals who are unfit or unathletic are able to get a kick-start on fitness. We thrive on creating an unintimidating experience in which all participants feel a sense of belonging and personal success. With our classes there is no need to worry about not keeping up—it's all about pushing yourself to your limits and doing what you can! Our group fitness environment is a social environment that promotes friendship and motivation among participants who have many different goals, with the main goal of feeling a sense of achievement when finished, making you feel stronger, more confident and healthier.

Check out the full class schedule here!

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