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The Pursuit of Healthiness Archives

Episode 5:Tom enlists the help of his kids to complete his pledge to 30 Days of Biking.  

Episode 4: Tom goes behind the scenes on an LRH Video Shoot featuring a local bicyclist who knows that there's so much to do here, he bikes to stay healthy for it!


Episode 3: Tom heads over to the Hub to talk with Director of Wellness, Natalie Knutson about the importance of choosing a trainer who matches well with your personality and goals for health & fitness.


Episode 2: In the 2nd episode of "The Pursuit of Healthiness," Tom is gearing up for SuperBowl Sunday and spends some time with Lynn Remsberg in the LRH kitchen learning to make Frushi & cheesesticks as healthy appetizers for the big game. 

Episode 1: In our premiere episode of "The Pursuit of Healthiness," Tom takes us to the Otter Tail County Historical Society to blast off our Shoot for the Moon Community Health Challenge.



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